Passion or Profession!

Sir Verseworth was his name
and he was a man of much fame.
But I never knew him
though he was very well-known.
His glass was with wine to the brim
and was relishing meat leaving the bone.
He was at the other end of the table.
And Oh!..his mind was never stable!

It was after he left
that I came to know he is a famous person.
Again, I saw him….his pen moving too swift
over the paper with a style descent!

I enquired about his profession.

The answer came, “PASSION or PROFESSION?”
Oh!..Even his answer seemed to be a question!
I said “As you wish!”
He said, “As for Passion,
I am a poet….
As for Profession,
I am nothing as yet!”
Oh! he says he writes poems.
He says he is jobless.
Is he a Gobbledygook..??
“No!”..he said, seeming to read my thoughts.
He shook his head
and said in a verse:
“Passion feeds my soul…
Profession feeds my family!”
My soul is Well-fed,
but my family lacks good bread!”
I did not get him
for the time being!
It took me a day
to comprehend this human-being!

Then I felt:
Yeah!..his name
befits his style!
His very fame
was for his joblessness and his odd smile!


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