To commons, like me!

To commons like me,
to Whom, non-dualism was utopia..
To commons like me,
to whom, thoughtless mind was a farce..
To commons like me,
to whom, horizons were just imaginary..
And to commons like me,
to whom, twilight was uncertainty..
Something common happened,
a debate between my Mr.Good & Mr.Bad!!
Mr.Good wasn’t as charming,
Mr.Bad wasn’t as harming!
But their debate was as insane..
as each had their perspectives of being humane!

“God made me, man made you!
I’ve golden wings that can fly,
I live in every human being..
and I fuel them towards being human!
If they’ve the wick, I’ve the flame..
I look after their well-being,
and i just can’t stand suffering!!”

Mr.Bad, fuming in all his temper,
someone you could hardly tamper!
He had his lines to tell,
with his voice that sounded hell:
“You live in him, but I thrive!
You believe him, but he believes me!
You’re a hill to climb, you see..
while I’m an abyss to dive!
You could give the flame of his wick,
but i melt the wax to nothing!
He never figures my little trick,
and is numb to my incessant sting!” 

The debate would sure have went on,
until my conscience walked in!
In its tones of whisper:
“How funny can this get,
a straight pointless debate!
To brag of all you’re not,
and to speak of being happy or distraught!
To you, Mr.Good:
‘God made neither of you!
You’ve wings, that know not, to fly!
You live in a human,
but you’re not his life!
You’ve the flame, but you’re not the flame!
You can’t stand suffering, nor can you suffer!’
To you, Mr.Bad:
‘You only thrive to survive.
He believes you, but doesn’t trust you!
You’re an abyss, where he FALLS!
You melt the wax, but not to nothing!
You sting him, you lose your poison!’
To both of you:
‘The mind that a human has,
that made both of you!
The mind is your progenitor,
and it could be Your terminator!
The mind thinks, and only thinks,
and the ship sails, or sinks!
Once a human gets beyond thought,
after petty battles,like these,are fought…
both of you cease to survive…
and I alone would thrive,
in every soul and whole!
He that made me,
shall drive me to eternity!’ “

Now, to commons like me,
that was something uncommon!
Yet, I’m liking it, and always will!


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