Autumn & Spring!

I saw him again, Sir Verseworth..
this time, staring at a mighty Banyan tree.
Nothing could let him free
of his ever-since-birth staring spree.
It seemed like summer, at noon..
when people, at the heat, began to swoon!
A few of ’em rested under the shade..
of this mighty banyan foliage.
With time, the green began to fade..
the tree began to shed all that leafage.
Almost the brink of summer, autumn..
when the tree hit its rock bottom.
Yes, all its might turned to fright..
and God forbid, it was a scary sight!
But Sir Verseworth kept staring..
A smile on his face, he wasn’t sneering!
Standing beside him, I silently whispered:
“Sir, Its Autumn.The green will come back..
and so does its shade, its jus a rough track!”
As always, he had different reasons..
than this usual cycle of seasons!
He spoke:”Oh My Dear Son,
there’s a lot more than the autumn.
There are reasons more than one..
that people hardly care to fathom!
Throughout Summer, this Banyan..
gave a cool shelter to every man.
At a point, the tree began to wail..
as all its green turned a sudden pale.
The tree thought in sorrow:
‘I couldn’t witness my own shade!’
So, all its leaves began to fade.
One by one, all the leaves shed..
and every man under it fled!
This was its autumn, my son.
By the brink of autumn, the tree will know:
‘Irony, that man wants some shade..
from the golden sun, under my bower
I’m open to His light and the Sky’s shower..
and everything for me, that’s made!’
And as this realisation dawns..
flowers bloom over its mighty arms,
The green returns, so does the spring..
and again the tree would be a beautiful thing!”
I stared at the tree, in its autumn,
and I knew only the roots were its bottom!



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