Casting my Shadow!

I saw him again, Sir Verseweorth..
this time, pacing on his steed!
He seemed to pay no heed
to the river or its weed..
He drove at light’s speed!
A vain endeavour though,
I decided to follow
this swift one on his way..
even as he was a mile away!
I could see him heading towards a meadow,
heading swift, casting a swift shadow!
Very soon, he was out of sight
and this somehow, did not seem right!
Nor could I hear the horse gallop..
nor could I see its worthy rider!
Yet, with all might, I made up
my mind, to think a bit wider..
to decipher the brevity of this scene,
with its protagonist unseen! 

Pondering I was, though helpless..
sitting there with a humbled prowess!
Heard a celestial voice from above..
sounded like Sir Verseworth now!
“Dear one, I’m now in a celestial realm, heaven.
And I’ve seen you moments ago..
So I left there, my shadow!
I’d to race my way to eternity
while I was in my peaks of vitality.
But I still cast my shadows
to let seekers trace their way!
So, leave all your woes..
and even your sorrows away!
Wake up, and trace my shadow..
but don’t forget to cast yours!
Reach heaven, your rightful place…
but don’t forget to leave a trace!”
There I was, casting my shadow..
making my way to the meadow!

horse rider silhouette


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