I’m a blood drop, not a bloody drop!

Hey you, I am a drop of blood,
you might have seen me when you bled!
But you might not have seen me when I bled,
for the way life was being led!

He that made all, made me too..
and he gave me a colour so true!
I have a colour of longest wavelength,
and I make your bravery & strength!
In the womb, you were a foetus,
there I served you meals sumptuous..
You were brought out, you cried..
and heart pumped me into your arteries.
Millions of cells lived, and many died..
but I had to fill up every cell in peace!
If i got tired a bit, they called you Pale..
so I flowed tirelessly, not wanting you to fail!
I come from a known source,
but I’m driven by an unknown force!
I come from a heart that pumps selflessly,
so, like my mother, I flow selflessly!
You get wounded, and I peep out.
Sometimes, you see a lot of me..
you call it a Blood Shed!
I flow through every chakra of Kundalini..
so, I wandered everywhere in this universe.
God hints his Omnipresence through me!
I hint his selflessness through me!
But, I’m not God, so I beseech:
“I want nothing in return,
I take nothing from you.
But, please give me
to he who needs me..
you wont lose me,
you’ll only gain Him!”

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