The Twins!

Long back, before the world started.. God too was in a dilemma. He bounced in joy at the thought of creating life around.. He was blissful. But, he couldn’t find a reason that needed life. But, he ignored it thinking “Some things are better left without reason as they’re beyond it” But, he got one more dreadful question laid in front of him. “If I would start life, what reason, need be, to continue that life. Shall I make everyone eternal, just like me?!” But, that somehow did not stay strong on his Intuition. He felt the need to seek an answer from his fellow Gods and Goddesses. He asked Brahma, the answer rung “I’ll help u in creating life!” God was satisfied, but not fully. He asked Shiva, who replied with his third eye, “Eternity is for us. And it has its value intact when its divine and that alone! I’ll help u in dissolving them back into the divine vacuum.” God was satisfied better, but not fully yet!

He knew not whom to ask. Karma knocked the door of Vaikhunta. She passed through its seven doors.. and knelt at God’s feet at the Pala Samudra. Adisheshu looked at surprise to find a stranger. But God knew her, she was a part of him always. She came forward and said “Lord, I’ll help u reason the continuity of life. You create life and run it.. I’ll take care of the rest.” God knew why, but he wanted her to put it out right.
She said,
“Oh dear God, our Supremo,
life is divine, with a glow.
But, every creature that lives,
has to take what he gives!
He’ll live it now,
and he’ll live it then..
in his every next life,
he will work me out..
It’s what his life is all about!
Life would reap what it would sow,
and with every lifetime, I would grow!
By their actions and deeds,
I’d help them with living and needs..
and if they no longer deserve life,
and are eligible to get back to you..
I would pass on my charge to Shiva..
He would dissolve life, into a divine Nothing!”
God agreed, and here we are, as per their plan
We’re all a part of that plan, and our deeds decide our future.. not just in this lifetime. I met you, and you met me.. and its all Karma working us out to work her out. Destiny is Karma’s twin! We meet each other to realise our destiny and work out karma.. as long as there’s a need for the other to have the other in his/her life, they prevail. Once its done, Divine intervention takes place.
Whatever happens is for Destiny to unfold and Karma to be worked out. 

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