I saw him again.. Sir Verseworth..
this time, feeling a drop of dew!
He laid his pale hands on me,
and I began to feel a divine ecstasy!
I trembled in joy and all glee..
as if all my pinions have been left free!
I wondered how his pale hand
suddenly became a magic wand!
I was so brave now, like a warrior…
seemingly bound by no apparent barrier!
A momentary feel of his skin,
made me feel “All the world’s my kin!”
Unable to decipher the magic behind..
I had to get into Sir Verseworth’s mind.
He simply smiled at my thought,
He said “Mind’s not the right spot..
peep into my heart if you can!”
But I wasn’t him, I was just a man.
The sage then began his words of wisdom:
“My hand, pale it may be..
or may be that’s all you could see..
but my hand, like yours, can feel
everything that needs to heal!
Men often say, ‘Touch!
That really doesn’t matter much!’
But this mighty universe as such..
made its baby steps after a divine touch.
The feel of a baby’s skin so tender..
reveals you a part of this world’s wonder.
A kiss from your loved ones..
could heal your sorrows all at once!
When you’re bound in an embrace..
you feel the joy of all heavens and fays!
Frozen with all the winter’s snow,
a feel of warmth from someone you know..
you melt into your being, and its fire within…
a touch that could melt all your sin!
Truly said “Touch’s the most primitive!”
Few touch the life we live..
Few touch our wounded space..
with a big smile on their face!
I laid my hand on you..
felt your void, filled it all!
Filled it with my love for you..
and now you’re free from every thrall!”
I clasped his hand, that pale one..
Now I knew, it had the light of the sun!



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