When I called Death!

Confined to a world of sin,
ears bleeding out of the incessant din,
into the blue, due to my race’s tyranny,
and nothing sounds less than a cacophony! 

I lay on my bed,staring at its end…
I’ve been laying on it for a while…
beside me,stood no beloved or friend,
and I’ve long ago bid adieu to a smile! 

Every dark shade tried to seize me,
and my dormant chivalry tried to cease me!
Nothing good left to think,
as i longed to near life’s brink!
The sun never seemed to wink,
and everything around me began to stink! 

I called for Death,holding my breath..
surmising him on his chariot of grandeur,
that arrives after all life could endure!
But,I was in for a surprise,
as he marched alone, against my surmise!
He was gentler than thought,
And i was a warrior that never fought!
He stood beside me,
and compassion was all I could see!
“Son,I’m no destroyer,
I’m always a dissolver!
You shall not dissolve,
until your soul shall resolve!
To call upon me midway,
only helps you lose your way!
The mind chains you with thoughts,
and the soul frees you from droughts!”

He waited for my response,
as I felt heavy,at once!
My soul let out a loud whisper,
and I bid adieu to Death!


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