Protagonist Or Audience?!

That awkward moment when you realise you can’t change things around  for the simple reason that you can’t change yourself. You perceive things around, but do u receive them rightly?!

You ponder about the drama going around.. the trauma whirling around.. and you realise in vain, “I can only see the cyclone and be a victim of its depression! Why, because I’m that whirlwind. And sucking people into my whirl wind only makes them writhe in pain, forget letting ’em escape.”
May be God gave us logic to know there is something beyond it. But, he showered the power of Magic only onto a few, only a few that say what they’ve already manifested. The bottom of our sea is fathomless. But we care more about the high tide and low tide. Our high tide submerges islands, but our low tide submerges us. May be because we can’t look deep into our sea. The sun comes at noon, close to you, overhead, to say “Son, I’m gonna set soon. So take all my light so that u can survive the night!” But you only feel his heat(I think it’s rather the warmth of his affection!) and forget that light. We know that there’s this summer within, but we look more at the fog around. This is pathos or chaos, I don’t know, nor can I ever know!
All turmoil’s transient, you’ll laugh at that turmoil once you get back to your soil. All the trauma’s a drama, its your choice though whether to be its protagonist or the audience.

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