A day that Said!

There are two sides to the word “illogical!” One, unfortunately the more common side : Something that makes no sense, logically nonsensical. The other : Something that’s way beyond all logic and Sense. 

Now, with that said, it may have sounded ‘illogical’ when I said One has to seek for what the day has to say. You may comprehend the word ‘illogical here, in either way u want to. Well, you see.. for the very joy of God, he created this world.. to manifest his sweet holy plan in the best way possible. He made space, he made life, he made wisdom and he made you n me. (Man made Vice, lets not discuss bout it but!) And, as a test of ‘time’, he made time. Yes, this cosmos is space bound.. this living(and not life) is time bound. You ‘live’ every day.. bound by dusk and dawn… some energy and a yawn!! Every’day’ you ‘live’… what adds the life to it? If it was lifeless, how could you ever live?! Well, you have the very power to make your living full of life. And how do you manifest this power – by realising the life within! Seek, until you reach the peak… the journey’s so sleek.. and you ought to be meek. Time, beautifully ‘says’ a lot… be it through its influence.. or be it by the way its perceived! Now, before I continue on this tedious homily(i guess it sounds that way to u), have you thought of the fine line between Perception n Reception? … You are open to millions and brilliance of perceptions. But there’s a single reception. That fortunate few times when your perception matches reception, this universe is yours. A momentary bliss, your soul jumps within, out of immense joy(its old friend). Time says so much, we only hear it tick. Time,using its channel named vainly as a DAY, expresses things abstract(or they may seem so). Once, you take the first step to extract this thing that’s abstract.. your inner space would bloom. And once you hear it with that ‘ear within'(even better if you tap!), time ceases to control you. You’re no longer seized.. for time has ceased. That was to be actually called a MOMENT, one that lacks MOVEMENT.(Infinitely in the present)
That ‘moment’ when your mind goes blank(to make space for joy), and you jus live in the present, you hear the day.. devoid of all its ticks and tides. That’s your day… as you seized it(it seized you formerly).
This was what my vain mind could ‘perceive’ about “What the day had to say!”

2 thoughts on “A day that Said!

  1. Good one Bro.. I always call you as Bharat Bhagat as I have faith on your talents and great insights towards life. However, after reading this I think you already crossed him 3 years early…simple superb and very short and crisp… keep writing as I want to follow it on daily basis to feed my brain with greatest thoughts ..who knows may be after reading so many articles of you.. I may write one after some time.. then that’s going to be miracle and great achievement for me personally..


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