The Hill beyond the Woods!

The cosmic spirit spoke thus, relating an incident beyond life. The spirit was popularly called a Saint in our world. The saint spoke to me thus:

As I kept gazing at it, It seemed to have fueled from my sight. The light grew more than my sight could bear. My eyes were helpless, so they closed in shame. And then, with those tender gates closed, I saw the light in all its brilliance. This time, I realized it was not jus being fueled by my sight, rather my Insight. As I began to ponder, Another beautiful realization began to dawn upon me. I was taken aback to know that it was actually fueling me, my sight, my insight. I could but smile at my shallow interpretations initially. 

Now I know, you’d be wondering what was that much spoken ‘it’ about! Well, I wish I could describe it. But, for that, I should firstly have a glimpse at the core of this light source. It took me hard time to decipher the outline itself, forget the core. All I knew was, ‘it’ met me when I was solitary in the dark woods of my mind. It didn’t seem to belong to the woods, was some alien to the creatures around… and there was no UFO , but something that was claimed to be UIF(Unidentified Inner Self). It landed all of a sudden before me while I was wandering alone in my illusive woods. And you must trust me, these woods had more seeds than trees, they never seemed to sprout in my lifetime. I often reconsidered my calling it ‘Woods’; It must rather be called ‘Seeds’. 
That celestial sight, Err.. that celestial light began to approach me. I never let anyone trespass into my woods, but this wasn’t seeming like any trespassing, it was rather jus passing. And I felt for a moment, “May be the Woods trespassed into me long time ago, when I grew oblivious to my infantry and its bliss!” And this feeling rooted in me later. Now, as this beam of light approached me, I felt heavy. You may call it “Light made me Heavy!” if you wanted a pun, but trust me.. this was more than I could ever decipher. I was running my way through the woods of my mind, to get out of it, and met a Highway, which had a sign board. It said “Run this way, you’ll find your way!” I wondered for a while, but wonders seemed obvious to me now. I kept running before I ran into another Sign Board. It said “Your destiny’s a smile ahead!” I grinned, and I was suddenly teleported to a temple that lied under a hill. I never looked back when I was running. So it didn’t astonish me when I saw that same shaft of light in the temple. The hill above read ‘The Blissful Hill’ . I was too confused to comprehend it. I went into the temple, the light shaft ran closer to me. Did I forget to tell you that I was not bound by time all this while, I mean I didn’t feel a second. And as the beam merged into me, I looked back at the woods, it was nowhere to be seen. And the temple had a few more disembodied light shafts like mine.. and they were all walking up the Hill without any effort. And I was automatically drawn to the foot of the Hill. I began climbing up too. My way up, I saw infants being dragged down the Hill, and they were sobbing with all their might. They were dragged into something like a Black Hole, as I couldn’t see it. After a moment’s contemplation, I realized “The infants were being carried into the woods that I came from, away from the Blissful Hill! It seemed like people inside the woods never knew the temple beyond the woods as they grew totally oblivious to it. But for a few, after much turmoil, found the light beam that drew them towards this temple!” As I began climbing up the hill, its peak was nowhere to be seen, and every step I made up the hill, the name of the hill was becoming more justifiable. And I wished there wasn’t any peak! I’m still on my journey, let me know when you found the Hill. I will help you!
shaft of light

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