The tree with a yellow leaf!

There was once a tree that had colourful flowers, sweet fruits, long roots and green leaves. Autumn was near at sight and one leaf turned yellow, ready to whither. The tree trembled in fear, its flowers pale and fruits bitter and roots wounded. It was still autumn approaching and the tree forgot the spring that preceded it. But, a fellow tree said: “Mighty tree, the golden bird is still on your shoot, and humus is still on your root. Tremble not for a yellow leaf, its autumn and the season will end, so will the yellow. Autumn is a test of your time, and before its spring later, it’s a test of your survival.. you need to bring it all up by yourself. The yellow leaf wont fall off, it will regain its green in a moment unseen… but you should smile at the bird that rests there. It will rest for a while, and soon, if you be true and good, it’ll nest here too!!.. The bird’s golden pinions will add light to yo beauty.. you just need to welcome the bird!” The tree was in no mood to listen, but the bird still gave a chance, it stormed and the bird fled. After the storm’s done and the tree had its branches writhing and twisting, the bird with its mighty wings restored things to place and the tree was green and hale and hearty. The tree thought it wasn’t a reason to wail, it was jus a season of momentary pale. All its pallor and the ambience with its squalor vanished, only green leaves and the golden bird’s nest remained.
As always, you are the tree my dear. It’s just autumn, spring is on its way, welcome hope on its golden wings, listen to yo well wishers, hope gives u chances and leaves not until its client dances. It comes to your rescue when its a storm.. and absorbs all your sorrow and a worry-filled tomorrow! But, unlike the tree, u don welcome it. You instead let weeds to creep round your bark.. weeds called pessimism, worry and fear. Before they take their roots, let them go. Wake up from your long slumber, refresh your rough timber.
You may think “Its all very easy for people to say”, but u sure have a way… only at storms trees sway… after that in peace they lay.. all u need is to pray!
Be the solution, never the question. Make a choice before the forked road closes.

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