Oh fear, not again, not this time.
You stop my joy and my vain rhyme.
Moments ago, I used to close my eyes,
to hear my inner voice, so subtle.
But, now as I close my eyes,
I hear nothing but a loud rattle.
Seemed like my space ripped apart,
and all in me, first my joy, began to depart.
Days followed by ages, I’ve never heard
my conscience, nor the inner voice.
I felt like a vain flightless bird..
that was chained, deprived of its poise.
Closed eyes no longer offered me insight,
but monsters, devils and a  deep fright.
I feared myself and the world around..
I feared every sight and every sound.
Helpless and vain, I would cry
and those tears never seemed to dry.
But, somebody like a sage
began to speak all of a sudden:
“As you think, I’m not any sage..
I was your confidence, hidden.
Today, I’d been driven out by fear,
I seem to have no place inside,
But, if you will, I can still reside.”
I begged “Sire, please do..
I’ve been deprived of many, but not you.
Now, if you turn your back on me,
there’s nothing else I wish to see!”
It smiled, befitting its name, and said:
“Bearer, Pain may have fled,
for all those tears you’ve shed..
but this one wont, this fear..
it is too big to condense to a tear!
I fought with fear all the while,
but your thought came my way..
Fear’s army, much to my dismay
drove me out of you, with its guile.
If you’d ever want me back,
Drive that sinister fear out..
Let not a chance for it to sprout.
Your thought is the fear’s track..
The more you think,
the more you sink..
for Fear’s made its track deep within..
hiding your conscience from your every sin!
Fear not, I’m with you my lord…
I’ll fight it, but you’re my sword..
make space for me within you..
and I’ll serve you loyal and true!”
I feared only one thing now..
And that was fear itself!


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