No more wars, right?!

Chivalry buried in a coffin,
Gallantry executed in a gallow,
mankind on its spree of deeds shallow,
conscience a myth, just like a griffin!

Might have to rephrase the last line, that conscience is a myth! Honestly, hearing what the conscience has to say is a myth! Back in time, a few centuries ago, wars were meant to acquire kingdoms or territories, and that alone! A little later, as time advanced(and not mankind), wars had prisoners along with bloodshed. Even later, when they talk of the Renaissance period, when all the global uplift in scientific cult is said to have occurred,when all the spirit of inquiry and experimenting was nurtured to its best, all the soaring science was grounded to aid roaring wars! When great thinkers were forced to write about wars, and a misconceived chivalry, when innovation grew in dynamites and not dynamos, when  scientific minds were compelled to invent WMD,  and all the so-called renaissance was but apparently trigger happy, infamous World wars happened! These wars, unlike their predecessors, had no agenda except establishing a useless identity. Then followed a ‘cold’ war, rightly named, for humanity was at the brink of its worst winter! This one, differed but little from its predecessors.. and agenda that meant ‘Establishing Superiority!’.

Now, back to the present, there are no wars, Hurray!
Or did I just get wrong there?! Was I all happy for nothing?!
Well then, you answer me:
This century, in fact this millennium started, surviving a rumoured Y2K. Then, the twins collapsed, because two airplanes ‘crash-landed'(did they?!) on them. Later, a plethora of headlines that talked more of blood & bullets than about just POLITICS(Ah! This word had its own versions in different times). Video footage featuring a man being beheaded meant pride to a certain class of mankind.(yet, we call man’kind’?!). This is nothing, just yesterday, many innocent young hearts that throbbed with all life, vitality and vigour, stopped! No, it wasn’t due to Myocardial Infarction(but a Mankind Malfunction,I prefer to call it), rather just a bullet that hit them dead, by some half-dead beasts that carry the tag of humanity!
So, folks, what do u say?! There are no wars?! Time to celebrate?! Or may be we are so used to wars that we forgot to tag them as wars anymore?! These wars, if u tag them, have no hearts(forget having an agenda)! Surely, only time is advancing, will humanity, ever?!

War’s an irony.. it’s a triumph with no survivors. War’s a tyranny, it makes ‘man-kind’ an oxymoron. War’s a bitter symphony to the evil. War’s a turmoil, it brings dead smell on your own soil. Briefly,
“War’s a war between the conscience and essence!”

Heart pumps blood, but at instances like these, it bleeds too, when you hear that a few beasts with ammo attack a school, robbing children of their destiny, and the world of its humanity!


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