A fairy tale need not be a fairy tale after all!

A fairy tale need not be a fairy tale after all!

Now, if you were not perplexed with that, you got me there, right away!

Most of you reading this, might not believe in fairies at all (mostly because of a preconceived notion that they have wings and fly, and you have hardly seen one such creature). While some of you might not care to think of fairies as you count that as ‘Dreaming’, and a few of you out there have chosen to believe, and cared to ‘dream’, and realised that not all ‘fairies’ look as charming as Peter Pan, and not all of them fly high in the sky(they might fly, if you get the metaphor). And I direct this post to those few folks, that have lived momentary bliss, or that eternal, in the presence of a fairy, visible to either Sight or Insight!

Now, when you’re in crisis, you would want a fairy to come to your rescue. Ever wondered how it might be if the crisis itself was a fairy?! Well, I bet, it surely is. Before you conclude anything, read this, and comment what you feel:


The day arrived with all its grandeur
after all the dark I’d to endure!
The bird’s sweet song..
and the smile it brought along!
I had nothing to worry about..
no chaos, no pathos, not a doubt!
This only lasted for a while..
everything left.. even my smile!
The sudden darkness,
that  never witnessed!
From the sands of this dark hour,
all of a sudden, ascended an angel!
Neither the moon, nor a star,
the ambience was still dark as hell!
The angel’s wings were grey..
her attire not so grand!
I seemed to be her prey
as she shot her heavy wand!
She cast on me, some spell
that made my life a sort of hell!
Many fairies walked into my life..
but this fairy let me walk my life.
Her sharp eyes saw my deepest self..
she wanted to bring it out.
She did, and she fled soon!
Her trails, all golden..
but was feared by men and women!
CRISIS, A unique fairy..
that cast her spell to let me free..
not free from Sorrow’s invasion..
but from my life-like illusion!

Now, tell me, what do you think, or even better, feel?!


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