Darkness cast its shadow!

We walked along, miles together..
just like birds of same feather,
my shadow and I!
He was very faithful,
even if he found me hateful!
Only, when the light’s gone,
he’d not be around, to be seen!
And I’d be one soul, love-lorn..
wondering at how could he be so mean!
May be I was wrong, so I waited..
had a hunch that my destiny isn’t so ill-fated!
Waited long, until it grew pitch dark..
and came a sound from the dark:
“Light would cast your dark shadow,
who’d leave, along with the glow!
But, I, Darkness, would cast your bright shadow,
deep within you, that will glow..
as I leave, into my vacuum..
into my mother, Nothingness’s womb!
You can’t see that bright shade,
until, into light, I fade!”
The voice faded, I closed my eyes,
it was bright within, may be dark around..
but that didn’t bother me,
as I am what I see!
And the realisation that dawned:
“The shadow that light casts,
dies as the light fades!
The shadow that Darkness casts,
is born as the Darkness fades!” 


2 thoughts on “Darkness cast its shadow!

  1. Shadows follow us in the light and disappear in the dark.. However, we all will follow your blog just like shadow in the light.
    Good one .. till now I had a glimpse of rhyming in Trivikram Srinivas movies in telugu..first I am experiencing even the rhyming works in English as well.. keep writing bro…


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