The Summer within!

I saw him again, Sir Verseworth
this time, walking towards my room.
I was Confined to my very little room,
filled with the winter’s dense brume.
All my sight seemed to be out of sight..
and I couldn’t have a moment of insight.
He was nearing my place..
with the fog hiding his face.
I was trying to clear the mist..
but couldn’t clear much.
Then, I felt a heavenly touch..
and the moment returned with all its gist.
I caught a glimpse of his long nose..
and he had the fragrance of a Rose.
Seeing him, all I did was to stare…
as the event that happened was too rare.
It was always me running to him,
but this time he came to me.
He gave me a glass with water to the brim..
and now, his whole face I could see.
He did not let me utter a few words..
as he began his celestial verse:
“Son, I could see the fog grow..
and the sweat upon your brow!
You sweat at the winter’s chill…
so I thought I must give you a pill!
Son, the fog grows with the winter..
but it also goes with the winter.
Try not to clear the brume..
that haunts your only room.
See beyond the mist and the winter’s ice.
There’s a fog in your room..
but remember, not in your eyes.
You find it dense and thick..
but that’s jus its little trick!
If you could look through..
you’ll find that the fog was never true!
The fog’s confined to the little room,
but out there, it’s just the sweet spring!
You were never confined to your little room..
You were only obsessed with this little thing!
You sweat because there was this summer..
deep within you, you just never knew!”
I wiped my sweat, my skin’s dew..
and I smiled at it, I knew its summer!



3 thoughts on “The Summer within!

  1. This was a beauty. Really made me smile. “The fog grows with with the so winter, the fog also goes with the winter.” Very well put there. And yes campus got that right, if you have the summer within, no season can change it. Keep writing šŸ™‚


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