The Hand that made!

Once upon a time,
All that was under the sky..
began to feel very high!!

The deserts boasted of their dunes,
The winds boasted of their tunes,
The sun boasted of His glow..
The river boasted of Her flow..
And the clouds boasted of Rain..
and the Debate began to turn insane!

Then, a wise man, that stood all this while…
hearing the petty conversations, gave a smile..
He looked like a recluse, so do many wise men..
and had a rugged white beard that was dirty then!

He addressed each of them:
“Oh my dear Desert,
You indeed carry the sands of time..
but men’s trails are gone with the wind..
You are what the dried seas left..
and all life that you have bereft!
Nomads walk over you, and their trails
are not talked about, unlike fairy tales!”

“Oh my dear Wind,
You’re indeed fortune’s child..
sometimes wild and then mild..
you are born nowhere,
and you die nowhere..
and if you stay still..
life comes to a stand still!
But you only carry,
you can never contain!
You gift us a beautiful silence,
but you play your endless tunes!”

“Oh my dear Sun,
the eternal epitome of Radiance..
of all that changed over the years,
you never did, you bred no fears..
you glowed like HIM,
with light to your Brim!
You witness everything,
with your mighty presence unnoticed..
But, you only remain a witness!!”

“Oh my dear river,
you are a very deep metaphor.
You pass through forests and boulders,
and a weight upon your shoulders..
but you finally merge with the sea..
and it’s not your violence that’s your destiny!”

“Oh my dear Clouds,
you give me hope with your silver lining,
and quench my thirst with your downpour..
You are but a vapour..
and may be moved by the winds,
or steamed by the Sun!”

“But, that Hand that made all this..
He remains eternal, with immense bliss!
He made the desert’s surprise,
He made the wind’s eternity,
He made the river’s metaphor,
He made the Sun’s radiance,
He made the Cloud’s moist!
He shall be every seeker’s destination,
He shall be your very reason!”


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