On a spiral!

The time when I start writing this reads: 10:47 P.M (I.S.T), the 31st of December, 2014.
This day as such holds no special importance to me, at least not as much as the year has taught me! Every year, precisely, every moment, we spiral into the infinite essence of life. Its more like you have crossed the event horizon of a black hole, only that this is no hole; in fact, its all a void-less space, that’s a whole! In the spiral of life, (No! I won’t call it a roller-coaster ride), you spiral in, simply by living it!

Years have been spent, by men and women, striving for a ‘living’!
Hardly moments have been spent, ‘living life’!

We run towards an apparent destination, our thoughts racing across our mind, towards futile ends.. Ever did we care to stay still and lull our thoughts to an infinite slumber?! Or may be, just stand aside and observe our thoughts as they race?!
“Stay not, in your thoughts’ embrace.. Just step aside and watch them race!”, this could be my Utopian resolution(Utopia, is relative, you see!) for the year ahead!

May be its all a celestial allegory, how a black hole is invisible to sight, how we spiral in once we cross the event horizon, how its a dying star! Only with a few alterations, that the whole is visible to our sight, and that its a soul’s final destination.(wouldn’t use ‘dying’, given the sinister shade it’s been given, by people).

The time when I end writing this reads: 11:00 P.M (I.S.T), the 31st of December, 2014.
Who knows, may be I spiraled in, because I lived as I loved these moments!


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