Humanity Redefined?!

Of all the planets in space,
life chose to thrive on Earth!
Soon, souls chose bodies and took birth..
then, they reproduced to continue their race!
Over time, species evolved, into all you can see!
And also came humans, those that you claim to be!
It didn’t happen in a jiffy, evolution!
With evolution, lingered around what you call ‘Civilisation’!
Civilisation took myriad years too, millions!
Yet, of late, something’s been happening in a blinker!
You got me right, if you thought of ‘Barbarism’!
Life was a reward, to delve in and find the divinity within!
Seems hilarious, now that we don’t even find the humanity within!
Religion remains the same! But the notion of it has not!
It changed, to its abyss, now a ‘tag’!
Beyond all history, good and evil fought..
But now that’s all you’ve got to brag!
Blasphemy, misconstrued than ever..
Simply because sanctity was misconstrued!
As always, the fog of perception continues to delude..
Leading you to a tunnel, with its other end shut!

Since when did a peace war make sense?!
Since when did shooting children go well with your conscience?!
Since when is mankind a past tense?!
Since when did you forget your life’s essence?!
Since when has divinity been oblivious?!
And since when did trigger-happy humanity seem obvious?!
Or wait, has humanity been redefined?!
If so, aware me of it..
So I can tell my kids to be beware of it!


2 thoughts on “Humanity Redefined?!

  1. Your comments upon humanity are really engaging and thought-provoking. I’m extremely elated by your dexterous use of language. Carry on Bharath…..


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