A horizon I believed in!

I saw him again, Sir Verseworth…
this time, walking at his best pace!
I couldn’t figure, what he was heading to..
I kept guessing, it might be the horizon!

I walk, I brisk, I run, I try…
yet, to suit his pace, I’ve to fly!
But a flightless winged bird am I,
so, far away from him, I lie!

As I followed his trail,
he paused, to let me catch his pace!
I ran to him, with his blissful face..
and all the hullabaloo made me pale!

Before I could enquire about his quest,
he chose to answer, reading my mind..

“Son, I’ve embarked on a journey,
a journey that’s driven by my belief!
My mind can think, can imagine..
but it’s my heart, that chose to believe!
And I believe my heart,
for it gave me the power to believe!
Now, I’m heading to a horizon..
a horizon where the sea of thought
and the clear sky, of its manifestation, meet!”

I pondered, and then I believed…

that what drove him is what he’s heading to!
I chose not to stay heartless to my heart..
I believed, and I shall be relieved!


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