India’s Mother, Nirbhaya! Every other woman, It’s daughter!

“HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

:\ :\ :\ 😦 😦 😦 😥

Does it strike an irony to you?! Then, you gotta get used to it folks! Look at it this way: I don’t think I should be expecting a reply if I greet a woman today, with “Happy Women’s day”! Why, because it’s a ‘Happy Woman’s‘ day! After all that has been happening, it isn’t the least sensible of me to expect myself running into a happy woman! At least, not after watching the unfortunately banned documentary ‘India’s Daughter, Nirbhaya‘ released by BBC Four.

For those of you who are not familiar with the case, long-story-short:
A girl, an Indian girl.. with her close friend who is a boy(I don’t see why that has to be mentioned, but I get a vibe that I’ve to, unfortunately), starts back home after watching a movie. They get into a private bus, a handful of barbaric, blinded-with-lust, brainless and heartless creatures pounce over the girl, bite her everywhere, pull out her intestines, and then throw her(along with her friend) out of the bus! Literally, the beasts preyed on her!

Now, this is only the gist of the massacre! Yes, you read it right, a massacre! It hasn’t only wounded and killed that girl, but the whole of humanity! While many of the highly evolved souls are doing their part by helping the evolving souls to realise the divinity within, I see that there’s a larger amount of people who haven’t realised the humanity they were born with!
Needless to mention, the beasts got prosecuted and got sentenced to death, except a JUVENILE who shall be left free this December!(May be, to prey as an adult now)

Heavily putting aside all that the poor girl has been through…until she breathed her last, the after-effect of this was impressive! The uproar that followed, the fairer sex proving time and again that they’re not the weaker sex and embarrassing remarks from the so-called Big Heads! The girl was titled Nirbhaya! Please get this, Nirbhaya’s not a girl, a quality!

Now, that’s a lot of history, not quite the way to put in a nutshell! But, it still stirs up bubbles in our blood!

Let me clarify that no other creature plays as many roles as a woman does! Right from being a mother to being a wife, to be the emotional element of humanity, to be the tender arm of affection, to be the expressive eye of every feeling, and to be the object of universal love! Look, loving a woman is secondary, first respect her! Had she not put up with the enormous pain of parturition, you wouldn’t have entered this world! To have a soothing hand over your hair, when you’re at a low ebb.. you need a mother. To get a warm hug, that thaws your frozen heart.. to portray nature’s selflessness in a human form, to balance your life with an equal tinge of femininity, all of it a woman can do!(in various forms, however)
Doesn’t it occur to you that, for all the difference she makes to your otherwise lifeless life, she deserves some respect?! She deserves love, she deserves your shoulder to lean on, she deserves some humanity, folks!

The world comes to a standstill without a woman, deprived all the life you’ve ever seen! Live and let her live, with her head held high, with no trace of fear, with a woman’s heart! Always remember, it takes a woman and a man to stay human!

I’d agree that the Man is the courageous one, on the day when a woman walks with courage and confidence!
I’d agree that the Man is the muscular one, on the day when a woman isn’t afraid of him!
And I’d agree that the Man is A Man, on the day when a woman is given the right to live a Woman(and nothing below it, rather beyond!

Signing off,
a seeker of humanity!


2 thoughts on “India’s Mother, Nirbhaya! Every other woman, It’s daughter!

  1. I’m quite astonished to see a young boy like you thinking like a philosopher. I’m extremely elated having read your views. I must congratulate you for the last paragraph which is perhaps the best definition of masculinity.


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