On the pursuit of Happiness!

Here I am, sitting under a half crescent moon!! While my friends have gone for the candle light march, a part of the earth hour, I’m doing my part too; Embracing moon shine, something invisible with the power supply on!!

I can tell you, a million thoughts whizzing past my mind, in various pursuits!! Of all of them, i’m trying to find the one in pursuit of happiness! Not really sure if its in there, roaming clueless, but worth giving a shot! So basically, I’m in the pursuit of pursuit of happiness.

So, if at all I came across anything that gave me happiness, I would smile with all my heart. Like, right now, this moonlit welkin above me, the breeze to which my hair sways, the whisper of a cricket hidden at an invisible corner, a tinge of silence in the ambience (thanks to the power cut), and the music that the silence has been strumming over the strings of endless thoughts…… all of these fill my face with a smile! An unusual smile, neither painted nor tainted, yea! Gotta guess I’m happy!!

Or wait, am I really? No, there’s a void, that’s apparent on the smile curve, like a distortion! A void, unlike the usual! A void filled with thoughts, a void not empty!

I’ve said you before, I’m exploring the brownian motion of my thoughts, making futile attempts to trace the thought in pursuit of happiness! Upon a bit of pondering, it dawned on me that may be the hunt isn’t really worth it. May be there’s no real thought that’s actually on one such pursuit. May be they’re all on the pursuit of oblivion! An oblivion concerning happiness! A happiness that I brought along with me, but forgot it with time! May be it isn’t time that gave the oblivion’s curse (or boon, I leave the choice to you), may be its my million thoughts! May be, under the criss- cross of these myriad thoughts, might lie a hazy silhouette of thoughtlessness! Yes!! It dawns to me now, I guess its that vacuum, devoid of any thought, maybe that’s where the pursuit of my pursuit of happiness ends! Surely, that vacuum leads me to happiness! I don’t tell this out of a hunch, people! Because the breeze that kissed my dry hair was in no pursuit, but got me to smile, because the moon light that lit me within and without, lit a lifeless stone too… but it had not a pursuit to embark on, it just enlightens selflessly, from vacuum!


My pursuit shall end in a line or two,

“Beyond the foggy mind, in a virgin island of thoughtlessness, lies my happiness!

All I need to smile, is win over my thoughts, that is, to lose them”


Signing off,

a sailor smiling towards an island!


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