Fairy God Mother!

The world, a boundless rocky terrain..
on the verge of turning totally insane.
All the spirits prayed to Gods,
to dispense a fairy onto this world.

The Gods thought for a while..
and came up with an angelic smile.
Mother!” They shouted in glee..
“In this world, let mothers be!”
And within a few moments,
on this wide, wild rocky terrain..
fell a clear, sweet drop of rain.
The skies roared in joy..
and the angels soared very high!
In the fairy‘s womb, life started..
and all the prevalent gloom departed.
Then a baby was born.. and it cried..
for reasons that it knew better!
But the fairy smiled and only smiled..
to have her wings turned golden.
Her golden wings draped the baby..
Her golden trails adorned the baby..
With time, the baby grew..
and so did the fairy‘s love for it!
Her wrath is just another gesture
to express her boundless love.
Her soft hands crave to tend the baby..
and as she treads with her heavenly feet..
the world moves along.. bowing to her every step!
Indeed, it’s as much a gift to be a mother..
as it is to have a mother!
She never rants about her nine months of labour..
as her baby’s existence dwarfs everything else!
It’s Universal Motherhood that binds us all..
this moment mothers the next..
this movement mothers the next!

As the mother nourishes,
the child flourishes!


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