From Slumber to Sleep!

We were born to wake up,
we were born to awaken..
we were born to make up
for all that was forgotten!

‘Oblivion’s curse’, they say..
I know not how long it shall stay!
Wonder even if it’s a boon or a bane..
as long as it doesn’t make me insane!

I wonder if all life’s a dream…
a rumbling of the divine stream..
In my slumber, I can’t trace
where my dream began!
In my life, I can’t trace
where my life began!
May be the Almighty
made us all in his sleep..
every creature projected
out of his Super-conscious..
But folks, His is Sleep..
And unsurprisingly, ours is Slumber!
He sleeps, not to be woken up..
but to seep into the tranquility of sleep..
We spend lifetimes in slumber..
to wake up with nothing to remember!
He never forgets, He always forgives..
But a human forgets as long as he lives..
Why? Curse? Is that all? the end of it?!

Humans as we, leading lives
confused between reality and dreams..
confused between tranquility and screams..
hoping to get into limbo-our apparent reality..
hoping to give it a go, at the cost of tranquility..
to wake up to find ourselves, still in slumber..
we haven’t been awakened, so can’t remember!
“To know that our sleep isn’t eternal..
one that could let us seep within”-
takes for one, a few lifetimes..
for another, only a few hard-times!!

Oblivion’s not about forgetting..
its more about not remembering!
When our slumber transcends to sleep..
there shall be one eternal dream..
that of life.. gushing out of the Super-conscious!


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