Finesse of a Witness

I love the way every day has something different to offer. Just imagine, considering a healthy lifetime of 100 years, you’ve got about 36,500 different and fresh ways to live through the day, barring the déjà vu instances, that is. One morning, you wake up from a dream that you wished, never ended. Another morn’, it’s a nightmare and you could not anyway sleep through it. Yet another day, you are awakened by the lustre of the dawn that briefs you about the surprises awaiting you. So, from the perspective of an opportunist, every morning has an opportunity that deserves the best of you, nevertheless the most of YOU.

Now, after having lived through the day, without losing an ounce of your energy by twilight, with the horizon extending to the farthest reaches of your insight, you sleep. Otherwise, it’s only slumber. One fine night, you sleep considering yourself an achiever,as all the vigour in you was manifesting to the best of the world around. Another night, you sleep with hurt pride, because some stranger to your world, who has no idea of the emotions you’ve hidden behind the veil of a blank face, has said something unruly.
Trust me, of the 19*365 nights I have survived, there have been sleepless nights, there have been a few years that are now oblivious to me (and the bliss that I’ve been in, too), and there have been quite a few nights that reminded me of the chivalrous knight in me that could fight any thought that tried to hurt me. I’ve had them all. Surely, I get it now, when they said, “Life has its colours, and then, their shades.”

After reading two monotonous paragraphs that had me blabbering in all honesty, you must surely be wondering what all of this is about. Well, better late than never, it’s just that I wanted to say
“Stay a witness, and that alone.”
I bet! I can surely see a few raised eyebrows, shot up like a bow.  Even, I’ve been taken aback when I realized it. The sole reason why I took you down the memory lane to talk about the different kinds of mornings and nights you’ve been through is because I wanted you to witness them, one after another. You’ve lived them, undeniably, but ever cared to see the various shades each day offered? Quoting myself,
“Stay not in your thoughts’ embrace,
Step aside and watch them race.”
You’ll just stand astounded, at how liberating it is, to watch your emotions and thoughts, in third person. Staying witness to what you are, and the people (even better, the world) around you, isn’t despondency, or arrogance, or a lack of compassion, it is a liberty… a liberty from the nuances and shades of life. This isn’t the kind of liberty that lets you out of the shackles of life, but liberty of the kind that lets you live it, to the fullest.

Just sit back and watch, like the sun does. Even when every other element of nature gets involved in some kind of activity, the sun just stays there, unperturbed. He is a perfect witness, to the tick and tide of time. And that’s one reason why he’s out there, at the zenith, beyond our reach. You attain certain superiority over everything else, by staying a witness. There’s a lot more divinity in beholding than in begetting, in being the eye than in being the hand.

Those people who think they are inactive because they only listen, watch and enjoy the show,
“At least, you’re unaffected by the results, you don’t lose grip on the neutrality you’ve always had. It’s not inactivity, its silence. And all silence is action transcended.”

If you keep trying fitting into a shoe that doesn’t fit you, you can neither run nor walk. All you can do, is stand still. Just the same way, if you feel the need to fit into a bunch of misfits, just stand still and keep watching. Better that way! Good luck.

Signing off,
A Witness(unfortunately, not that alone)


2 thoughts on “Finesse of a Witness

  1. “Staying witness to what you are, and the people (even better, the world) around you, isn’t despondency, or arrogance, or a lack of compassion, it is a liberty… a liberty from the nuances and shades of life.”…you got it very right there..witnessed the essence of it n feelin happy abt dat…gud one..

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