Of pens and perks!

Hey all!
I know I’m back on the blog after a really long hiatus. I’m afraid I can’t promise I’ll be more frequent from now on, either. But as long as we have stuff to read, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, getting to the point.

Recently, ran into an article on a ‘reputed’ website that talked about why girls should prefer dating writers over others. Much as it sounds intriguing, I wasn’t half convinced it was a writer’s perk. Oh c’mon, since when is earning a date with your nemesis(just because you write), a perk? (Please, with your humour hats on!)

So, every field, professional or otherwise, has its perks, in its own way. Since I pen down my thoughts more often than never, it’s not totally invalid if I talk about the perks of being a writer.

If the writing bug has bitten you sooner than many, you grow up believing in subtler dimensions of everything you see and your perspectives are mostly unexplored by others. And these are etched within you throughout your life. For instance, you get to go on a holiday to a place that boasts of beautiful waterfalls, and the first thing you say witnessing the beauty, would be something different than usual. Like, you might say “Did the river just bow down to nature, as if spell-bound at its metaphors?” Trust me, when people around you hear something that different, they might either wear a puzzled face or that of awe. Nonetheless, to have unbridled expression of thoughts is surely a perk.
I bumped into this particular line while scrolling through my news feed on Facebook a few days ago:
“Writing is putting yourself into someone else’s shoes.”
Not exactly the way I would prefer to call it, but it does imply a part of the bigger truth. What I personally believe is that
“Writing is delving into people’s souls.”
Might strike as a hyperbole when you first read it. Allow me to elaborate. When a writer, or for that matter, anyone who cares to express himself in a comprehensive manner, interacts with a person, the person often ends up revealing his deepest thoughts and projects himself in a way he has never done with other people. I have friends and it’s pretty obvious that they open up to me. What sets the whole thing unique is how acquaintances portray their deepest beliefs and opinions. You get to see them as the person they are, deep inside rather than a mere external demeanour. You get to see between the lines, you get to realise what sets them apart from the rest of the world, you get to touch their darkest fears and brightest dreams. No! Not because you asked for it, but because your tendency to pen down your deepest feelings resonates with them. You remind them of introspection, you remind them of the sea that lies within them. You show them to the oars that could set their boat for sail. That, I say, is a perk. Yet, more than that, it is a responsibility. If they could share their pristine space with you, it’s your responsibility to let it stay that way. To not judge, to resonate with the silence of their sea and its waves too.
If you’re still not convinced, let me get it straight:
“If you pour your soul out on paper, it’s very much likely that the one who reads it, pours it out on you. What gushes out of your heart might as well hunt for another heart to touch.”
This is one of the noblest of perks, or I prefer to call it a Blessing, that a writer can ever dream of.

When you’re in the ecstasies of mirth, or the pangs of despair, entangled in chaos or in any possible state of mind, there’s always a channel to vent it out: writing it down. In most cases, it’s the coconut scenario. Hard to crack open. The inside would be teeming with emotions craving to gush out. Writing, I believe, is like breaking open the shell, revealing the pulp that was so long concealed. This isn’t an exclusive perk though. Everyone has their own way of expressing. It is just that this mode of expression reaches out to a lot more coconuts waiting to crack open. Call it the magnanimous perk.
You might be bereaved of your dearest ones, and a day later, you could be writing about it, to off-load yourself of the grief. You might achieve your biggest dream, and that very night, you could translate your mirth to words. You might be confused as hell. Give it a shot on ink, and the epiphany might dawn, sooner or later. This works, either way!

Did not mean to make it this long, but I’d wind up listing just another perk:
“You can fathom the stars in you to constellations.”

Hope you had a happy read. If this reminded you of the sea within you, by any chance, and if the tides have gone too strong, go grab a pen. You have the ink, a pen is all you need.

Signing off,
Ink in a pen.


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