Clouds and Linings

Hey there!
Firstly, it would be a blatant arrogance if I don’t thank you all today. WordPress, as I’ve come to know, makes an annual report of the blog at the end of every year. Considering the fact that I’ve been hibernating, it is quite a surprise to find out that the blog has earned more than 1200 views throughout the year. Thank you for scrolling through my blog despite my very irregular blogging schedules. I promise to fare better in 2016. šŸ˜€

An year ago, on the same day, I posted about being on a spiral woven by time. And 365 days hence, I’m fortunate to say that I’m still spiralling in. I feel blessed to find that I’m not alone on this journey either, and watching my fellow-travellers has only helped me move ahead in the best way possible. Instead of taking a slice out of my personal life, which actually had a lot of acquaintances and beloved ones showing me my way into the spiral, I’d like to talk about the cloud that had a silver lining.

The CLOUDĀ with a silver lining.

While the cloud had got many people talking, I was happy to find the silver lining. This surely was one hell of a cloud, ‘monstrous’ would be apt. Still no clue? Well then, I might have to be sorry for the vagueness. :/ The floods in Chennai!
This city is an epitome of resilience. The Tsunami hit it hard in 2005, catastrophic on many levels. And then, these floods a decade later. Destiny has a tiger’s fist, you see. And to be blown twice in a decade, you don’t see that coming often. The coastline and the clouds teamed up, and there was heavy flooding in most parts of the city. Natural Disaster, they said.
Chennai was already neck deep in water before the Govt. could set its foot. All of this happens, you know! Get used to it. But what doesn’t often happen was the silver lining here. Secularism was a mere silhouette most of the times. Here, it over-shadowed the floods. The mosques, temples and churches alike, those built on high lands were brimming with refugees, of all religions. The youth (often brought into the news for the wrong reasons) carried the old on their shoulders. The residents in the safer places offered food and shelter to the ones otherwise. Facebook and twitter had the flood updates trending. Power banks and food packets, evacuation, every kind of relief measure, you name it! The people did it.
The knee-deep helped the neck-deep.
Mankind didn’t sound like an oxymoron any more.
Humanity didn’t sound like fiction any more.
If ever there was anything the way it was, it wasn’t Chennai. Be it the geography or the people. There were floods of sorts. One that made the news, of a heavy downpour, water everywhere. The other, that brought it to the news, a heavy out-pour, humanity everywhere.
The silver lining and theĀ cloud were like the beauty and the beast.

The silver lining is what caught my eye. It restored my faith in the world around. Every cloud, with the sun behind, gets a golden lining. I guess I figured it, the Sun. He was this virtue that shone in the darkest times. No wonder Chennai was resilient. It was always along the sea that it might have inherited the sea’s resilience.

If destiny could blow this hard, resilience can hit back harder.

With that said, I am grateful to Chennai for helping me spiral in, no matter what, providing me an insight most needed.

Happy New Year 2016 y’all!



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