Dig deeper, Reaper!

Oh, Grim Reaper…
why don’t you dig deeper?

In the twilight of life, am I;
and my lips have gone all dry.
The winds swept away my pleas,
and my hopes drowned in the seas.

For so long, no soul I could behold.
For so long, this world has been really cold.
For no wrong, I’d to part with all that’s mine,
but for my shadow, when there’s sunshine.

Cast away, to the lands of solitude,
since a time that faded in memory..
just like I faded in the world’s memory.
Hence, here I am, waiting for my postlude.

So, I beseech you Reaper,
to hunt me down, to dig deeper.
Beneath those old bricks,
I wait for you, as the clock ticks.


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