Castles on either sides..

Castles on either sides.
At war, were the blacks and whites.
Oh, don’t get me wrong,
this isn’t a racist song.

Crippled Kings fight their way,
with a well-guarded army.
Queens have quite the say,
and dare you to call that barmy!

The Queens prance over the battlefield,
guarding their Kings, safe and concealed.
The Knights, chivalrous as they are,
move in patterns, and not very far.

While the Kings bear the Holy Cross,
the holy Bishops cross their paths.
The Rooks only head straight,
mighty after a worthy wait.

Of all that fight on this battleground,
the myriad Pawns are the virtuous.
Pledging their life to His Majesty,
these are powerful than you can see.
Storm them into the other castle,
and they can resurrect your lost army.
They vivify the battle, create the hustle,
they make the rattle, and as much stormy.

Yet, unlike the wars fought on land,
you don’t always have to march ahead.
You don’t have to always kill, instead
make a move after you take a stand.
Devoid of revenge or vices,
this is surely a war of the intellect.

Look at it, all Black & White,
just like victory and defeat,
with a fine line in between.

Corner the crippled King,
you don’t have to kill.
Bring His army to a standstill,
and you shall be their King.

To corner is to conquer, mate..
the nemesis is a checkmate!


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