Beauty and Beast

Once upon a time, in the peaceful community of Conscience, there was a severe drought. The famine was too terrifying to survive. The otherwise flourishing community was lacking any nourishment and the drought was turning out to be quite the nemesis for  Conscience.

Just then, out of nowhere, like a spark in pitch dark, sprung an angel.

The community which was known for its lush green pastures and perennial rivers, now bore the look of a torrid desert. It all happened when a few folks were walking by the dry riverside.  Less than half a mile away, from what was initially thought to be a mirage of sorts, appeared a huge bubble. The sight sure enticed the folks of the community and they walked towards it. The bubble cracked open and a fairy walked out of it. The folks were in awe at what they beheld. The fairy called herself Beautiful Lie.
Most people in the community hailed it to be the most wondrous creation they’ve ever seen. Soon, the Beautiful Lie rose to fame and she was hailed as one of their own kind by the community. Of the many things that one could envy about her, it was her ease at making friends that stood the most coveted. She roamed with this huge bunch of friends she made, everywhere she went. And before they knew, almost the entire community was into her.

Yes,  Almost! Not the whole of it.

Long before the Beautiful Lie could set foot in this community, there was an ill-fed, well-ignored and a sunken beast. It was called the Ugly Truth. It had been there ever since the community was born. The drought had its most adverse effects on this creature. Soon, the creature was hailed a beast and it went on to earn the title Ugly before its name, Truth.  Before the drought rooted its sinister claws into the community, Truth had two best friends – Honesty & Happiness. Ever since the famine occurred, Happiness stopped talking to anyone and Honesty was worried about Happiness.
But, things began to change a lot more and at a faster pace after Beautiful Lie entered the community. Happiness switched parties and started hanging out with Beautiful Lie. Honesty felt isolated. Truth would never talk or stay awake,  thanks to the drought.  So,  Honesty was devastated.  Assuming the drought to be its winter, Honesty slipped into Hibernation.
Beautiful Lie, they say, had a spat with Ugly Truth. It was a first, for the folks of Conscience. A fairy known for her vivacious persona would never spark a fight with the vicious beast. So, the folks gave in to believing that the beast might have pounced upon the Fairy. And it’s also believed that the fairy defended herself by throwing the beast into the raging fire the beast used to warm itself with.
Charred throughout, the beast got uglier, or in their words, a lot more beastly.
The community exiled the beast. Ever since, the beast wandered naked in the woods that dare-not-be-named.

The woods of Crisis, it was called. But, the community feared it and never called it out loud or even whispered. Ugly Naked Truth was actually tracking down its lost friend Honesty, who was hibernating in the woods.

The community had to send a representative to the Governing body to report their state of events. The unanimous choice was the loved-by-all fairy, Beautiful Lie. (You must trust me, the fairy’s appealing stature was such a stark contrast to the beast’s appalling demeanour. )
The fairy seemed to have done quite a commendable job at it and once again, won everybody’s heart in facile. Everything seemed to go right, but for the drought, which seemed to be invincible, inevitable. Even the fairy couldn’t care to think about it.

The elders of the community gathered to discuss the issue. They resolved to vent out this concern to Beautiful Lie. She was enjoying herself in a party when they approached her.  Happiness threw a party for the gang, apparently. As the elders began to elaborate their concern and read out the help they wanted from the fairy, Happiness noticed a slight tremble in Beautiful Lie’s otherwise firm stature. She started growing frail, all of a sudden, and most of her body was on the verge of an acute paralysis.  The elders were baffled and Beautiful Lie’s friends started to grow worried about their dear friend’s plight.

A cloud of smoke and the fairy was nowhere to be seen.  Beautiful Lie, who was thought to be the nemesis of the drought, dissolved into thin air. Baffled than ever, Conscience broke into utter chaos.

Meanwhile, the beast, Ugly Truth was close to tracking Honesty. Ugly Truth stopped nowhere. He followed Honesty’s trail and finally spotted what it was looking for.  In the Cave of Oblivion!

The Cave of Oblivion!
Somewhere, deeply seated in the densest woods of Crisis, this cave was a refuge to anything that lost its way from the community.

Ugly Truth did its best to awaken Honesty. Together, they rode their way into Conscience. By then, most of the community was trembling with fear. The drought had deepened its claws by now. The folks’ screams didn’t sound any louder than a whisper.  Honesty headed straight to the Elders. They were too shocked to say anything.
Determined, Honesty carried Ugly Naked Truth on its back and left for the Governing body. The Governing body never knew about the drought. Apparently, Beautiful Lie’s  report said that Conscience was flourishing as a paradise and the woods of Crisis have been cleared long ago.
Honesty’s report came as a blow to the body. And they found Ugly Naked Truth ghastly than ever now.

It was more than a while before the drought entirely left the community, but thanks to Ugly Naked Truth, the drought did loosen its claws. Why, Ugly Truth was fierce in his approach ever since it began to gain strength, thanks to Honesty’s toil.  Truth faced the drought’s claws, even if that meant he’d have to lose in the battle. Resilience, another refugee at the Cave of Oblivion (He had to go homeless after the elders drove him out of his home to make room for Beautiful Lie. He lost his way and ended up in the cave), traced Truth & Honesty’s trail into Conscience and gave a tough fight to the drought.  Honesty’s toil, Truth’s fierce defense and Resilience’s attack , the drought had to give in to them.  After a fierce battle, the drought left.  Most of Conscience was ripped apart by then, but the Governing body passed the grants and Conscience was being resurrected to past glory.

As for Happiness, I’m guessing it’s in the Cave of Oblivion. Sooner or later, it shall find a trail and trace its way back into Conscience, to reconcile with its best friends.

Only Now-Fierce-Truth knew that Beautiful Lie was no fairy, but a form-shifting wildling that broke loose from the woods of Crisis.

As for the bubble, it’s the same bubble we need to break out of, yet!



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