Not-So-Sweet ’16

Hello Everyone!

I’m ranting here after so long. I’m not sure if you missed reading me here, but I missed writing here. The mandatory year-end post is here. I was seriously contemplating on reviewing the entire 2016 this time.  What good is that? As if surviving it wasn’t an achievement in itself, reviewing it? I don’t think it’s worth all that effort. Yet, I guess I’d end up doing it anyway.

Personally, I had to wrap up three semesters in one year. Thanks to a strike we held last December, our semester exams were postponed to January. So yes, our new year started with a week full of exams (by far, the most stressful week in my life). It got worse when the results were due in the next two weeks. So yes, it was also the most stressful month in my life.  But, in hindsight, I’m happy it’s done and dusted with. In foresight, I’m sure it’s out there to haunt me again. :-/

In short, 2016 had one HELL of a start.  What makes me feel better though is that it’s not just me who hates 2016 the most. A major part of US (at least 59,739,748 people) are cursing their destiny right now for the 11/9 disaster. (9/11 was when the twin towers crashed, 11/9 was when the hopes for a better future crashed). Britain joins the bandwagon too, thanks to Brexit. Months have passed, and still nothing to fix it. Not so great an year for the Pakistani artistes either, you know why.
Boys have been brozoned and friendzoned like every other year, thanks to the many Sonam Gupta(s) around. The worst of all though, was the fate of the 1000 rupee note. It’s like one of those moments where everything has been going great with you until a single day wipes you out of existence. Often rejoicing in the hands of rich ladies and gentlemen, the note had to finally end up in the trash can for the rag pickers to grab. A move to curb the black money, they say. (Isn’t that a racist move?) The 500 rupee note was revamped, like those many old Bollywood songs. Pink, the movie, deserves a national award nomination. Pink, the colour, earns a place in the highest denomination.

Mitron, kesh kale hona chahiye, Cash nahi.
Mitron, desh ki bhalai honi chahiye, sirf  khud ki nahi.
Mitron, soch badalna chahiye, currency nahi.

Currency affairs have been a major part of the current affairs. I hope that changes in the days to come.

That apart, there have been silver linings too. But the dark clouds were overwhelming.
Speaking of clouds, Chennai had to bear the brunt of yet another cyclone and have been resilient enough to get back to normal in no time.

On a personal note, this year has had its ups and downs for all of us. While I don’t really want to focus on the downs right now, the ups have been a huge solace. YourQuote, this microblogging platform which kept me away from blogging here all this while, has been the best happening so  far. I write under a pen name Landlocked Sailor on the app.
Follow my writings at
I have been interviewed for the first time ever, in 2016, again thanks to YourQuote.
I never thought I will get there. 🙂

Here’s to wishing you all a happy new year 2017 and that it’s nothing like 2016.


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