Bittersweet 2017!

2017! Ah, this one was quite a year. I’ve seen quite a lot of shades and hues. Not quite sure if I’ve come out with flying colours or just shades. But surely, I’ve come out of it, once and for all.

The year started off just the usual. But it had a lot to look forward too. Summer Internship, Campus placements and the likes. It was a tough time until I finally managed to bag an internship in March. All hail SWAN Labs, IIT Kharagpur. Those 55 days of round-the-clock work was something I can never forget. Nevertheless, I managed to make a close friend there who has only made the entire ordeal seem much easier. The campus and the cycle rides are divine. Sunset at the helipad is a sight you shouldn’t miss. And the evening rains, oh my!! That period there has offered me a whole new perspective and I managed to have quite a few firsts there.

Getting back to college and facing the placement pressure was terrifying. Thankfully enough, I was freed of it early in the semester, thanks to Capgemini. What followed later was, in the best words I can phrase, an eye-opener. I shall never forget what I learnt through a few episodes that happened in that period. I learnt life the hard way. I’ve been in a state of denial, self-hatred, angst, everything. And then, like the trails of crisis, I had my epiphanies. I realised I shall never let anyone take me for granted. I have built my defenses pretty strong and it’s very tough for you to catch me off guard now. If you wish to take me for granted, then congratulations, you’ve earned your exit ticket from my world. 🙂

I have explored more facets in life, spiritually and otherwise. Found a new love in performance poetry and tried performing for the very first time. I promise to get better at it with time. Ventured into voice-acting, and it’s so addictive.  I’ve finally shed my inhibitions where I could.

Since I can’t rant here for long and this has to be summarised, let me do the honours:
This year has been bittersweet, in its truest sense. I’ve seen and felt all shades of people and myself. From narcissism to self-hatred to self-love, I’ve been through it all. And what can I say, I’ve emerged wiser at the end. Beginnings and closures, they’re all what complete you, once in a while.
I shall never forget 2017, and I’m wrapped in ambivalence bidding farewell to it.

2018. I hope you make me stronger and wiser, like your brother ’17 here. I have a lot of plans for you. Hope you do too.

’18, you do have plans for me, right?! You better have.

Turns our hearts into stone.
For someone to sculpt masterpieces out of it.
Stones that tremble once in a while.
A landslide, or a tremor, mostly due to love.

We do break each other’s hearts,
mostly into masterpieces.
There’s pain! Yes! And there’s fear.
And you know, what we fear?
We fear the day we don’t feel pain.
That’ll be the day we’re numb,
and lifeless like a corpse.

’17 taught me pain, success, delight and failure, in their fair share! Thanks for that!


One thought on “Bittersweet 2017!

  1. “And you know, what we fear?
    We fear the day we don’t feel pain.
    That’ll be the day we’re numb,
    and lifeless like a corpse.”

    Yes, a true reminder that it’s all a part of being human. The pain, the rapture, the highs, the lows. Love the insight! Keep ’em coming!?


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