Eye of the storm!

It really hurt.
Looking at her hurt.

It was only a while until all of it faded away, everything I thought her to be.
Or maybe, it was never there, to fade now.

It is like the night fading into dawn, when there was never actually a night, but a break from the day. Who could have seen the twilight if there was only a dawn! Who would have known what it feels like, to see the sun set and await his rise!

Anyway, she wasn’t like anything I knew, or would have known. She was a storm, and I caught her inย  the eye of it. Guess that explains the calm. I should’ve only guessed further… that a storm awaits. But hey, I was too caught up with the pre-storm tranquility, to care about what’s up next. Yes, indeed! I was too caught up with it. I should’ve seen what’s coming.

Or maybe, I needed the storm. Once in a while, you shouldn’t see what’s coming your way. You might want to be clairvoyant or fore-sighted, but not an anticipative idiot, or to think of life as a map with definite ends and routes. Life’s rather a sea, which isn’t often detailed in a map. Why, a map is all about the surface!

You tell me, should a storm always culminate in chaos?

Maybe it always does, but I wouldn’t go as far as stating that it’s a chaos that’s detrimental. Trust me, behind such utter chaos lurk the fanciest epiphanies. A labyrinth is chaos, but to know there’s a way out is an epiphany. To figure out the way is the rest of it. No? I am having second thoughts too. To strongly ‘believe’ there’s a way out, might be the epiphany.


It hurt.
Looking at her after all that happened, really hurt.

It hurt me enough to break my heart, that fragile one… to break it beyond repair. But, here’s the silver lining about it. I have given in to believing that she stole this heart of mine, long ago. And now, she broke it. It was all hers, and she could do anything she wanted with it. Fortunate as it is, she doesn’t have it anymore, she broke it. She wouldn’t get to play with it anymore.
I’m at liberty, and she’s at loss.

What of my heartless soul, you ask.

What of it? I’d be like time, without emotion, yet in motion.
Even better now, looking at her would never hurt, not a feeling that I haven’t already felt.


It hurts.
Looking at her hurts, more than ever now.
Darn me! She has the pieces of my heart now. That’s a million hearts at her dispense, those that still throb for her. Damn it!ย 

The storm hasn’t faded yet, I reckon. It was silently gathering itself into a raging tempest.
Or maybe, it was never there, to ever fade?
Oh, this chaos! I’ll have it figured. You don’t bother.

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P.S.: This is a pure work of fiction and none of it has happened to me. ๐Ÿ˜›
Inspired from the first line of the movie ‘Stuck in Love’, I gave a shot at this. Totally an experiment, and a first for me. ๐Ÿ˜€


I’m a blood drop, not a bloody drop!

Hey you, I am a drop of blood,
you might have seen me when you bled!
But you might not have seen me when I bled,
for the way life was being led!

He that made all, made me too..
and he gave me a colour so true!
I have a colour of longest wavelength,
and I make your bravery & strength!
In the womb, you were a foetus,
there I served you meals sumptuous..
You were brought out, you cried..
and heart pumped me into your arteries.
Millions of cells lived, and many died..
but I had to fill up every cell in peace!
If i got tired a bit, they called you Pale..
so I flowed tirelessly, not wanting you to fail!
I come from a known source,
but I’m driven by an unknown force!
I come from a heart that pumps selflessly,
so, like my mother, I flow selflessly!
You get wounded, and I peep out.
Sometimes, you see a lot of me..
you call it a Blood Shed!
I flow through every chakra of Kundalini..
so, I wandered everywhere in this universe.
God hints his Omnipresence through me!
I hint his selflessness through me!
But, I’m not God, so I beseech:
“I want nothing in return,
I take nothing from you.
But, please give me
to he who needs me..
you wont lose me,
you’ll only gain Him!”